Principals, as you review grant proposals please keep in mind that you and your staff will have to assimilate the grant project into your building if funded. Please make sure that everyone involved is comfortable with the project and will work to ensure its success. Consider yourself a "second eye" to spot potential issues or lack of clarity that may obstruct the progress of the grant through the funding process. We appreciate your cooperation in planning for successful programs.




The following considerations will make it more likely that deserving projects will be funded:


  • Are all the resources needed for the project either in the grant budget or already available?

  • Are all budget items justified in the proposal and needed for the grant to succeed?

  • Have all teachers/staff involved in the project seen the proposal and indicated a willingness to participate? (e.g., use the materials, attend the workshop)

  • Will the project result in too many "missed days" by teachers or students? Will the project be too disruptive to standard programming?

  • Does the project propose to share grant equipment or "spread" the grant program around whenever this is feasible and appropriate?

  • Does the grant support your goals?

Criteria for Professional Development Grants

Funding requests for professional development activities must comply with the following criteria:

  • It must be related to one's professional assignment and pertain to the improvement of student learning and achievement

  • It may not be a course/activity taken for credit in a graduate level degree program.

  • It must take place between the close of school in June and the start of school in September

  • The costs covered are limited to tuition/registration and/or relevant materials or fees

  • If other teachers are applying for the same activity, please let us know (or we will let you know) and we will ask that you coordinate your applications in order to obtain a group discount, if available

  • No travel expenses, meals or hotel accommodations will be funded. (Exception: dormitory accommodations/meals included in the tuition may be considered.)

Clarity of Purpose

If you do not clearly understand the project's main intent, its scope/impact, or its methods, we probably won’t either. Please ask the teacher to consider rewriting portions of the grant that are unclear or confusing. Given the competitive nature of the grant review process, the grant will have a much better chance of succeeding if clarity issues are ironed out ahead of time.

School District Resources & Commitment

Any resources that are expected to be made available by the district (substitute teachers, facilities) should be specified along with an indication of whose budget will absorb the cost.

Grant Submission

We require that requests be submitted electronically. Proposals must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. on the deadline date.