Review Process

Grants received by LTEF go through a rigorous multi-step review process.

1. Grants applications are distributed to all members of the LTEF Board of Trustees who evaluate each grant on the following criteria:

  • Presentation of Grant Application- The application is professional, grammatically correct, follows format requirements, cites sources where appropriate, and includes pictures/visual aids when warranted.

  • Innovation - Engaging, creative, or new pathways to learning are well documented and contained within the proposed program.

  • Need/Benefit - Application identifies a need in the served population through documentation and research; application further ties program objectives to the need and how the need is addressed.

  • Scope - Number of students and/or staff that will be impacted by the proposed grant.

  • Length of Benefit – Will the proposed project have a long term impact on student education or will it be a one-off experience?

  • Proposed Budget - Budget is detailed in application and is realistic considering the audience size and stated objectives. Budget should demonstrate effort at managing costs.

2. The Grant Review Committee meets to review all grant applications and LTEF Board of Trustees evaluations. For each request, the Grant Review Committee may recommend full funding, partial funding, or no funding. 

3. The full Foundation Board of Trustees meets and votes on the proposed funding recommendations of the Grant Review Committee. The Grant Committee presents their recommendations to the full LTEF Board of Trustees. The Trustees consider each grant and vote to approve or modify funding recommendations.


The students and staff of the Lawrence Township Public Schools are fortunate to have the LTEF, an organization that works to enhance the learning opportunities for our students.

-Andrew Zuckerman, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction