LTPS Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign

Since 1992, LTEF has helped to bring additional resources to our schools by funding teacher grants.  We encourage and welcome all employees of the district to support LTEF with donations.

Lawrence Township Public Schools Faculty and Staff can support LTEF by signing up to contribute via payroll contribution, or by making direct donations.

Faculty-Staff Giving Campaign FAQs:

What if I am already enrolled to give to LTEF?
If you are already enrolled in the payroll contribution program for a donation to LTEF, there is nothing else you need to do, unless you would like to change your donation amount. To change the donation amount, please fill out the Faculty-Staff donation form.

Is my donation tax deductible?
Yes. LTEF is a registered 501(c)3 so whether you make a one-time donation or give through ongoing payroll contributions, your contribution is tax-exempt. You will receive an acknowledgement from LTEF for use in preparing your taxes.

If I choose to make a one-time donation, does LTEF accept checks or credit cards?
For one-time donations, LTEF accepts checks (made payable to LTEF) or credit cards. Secure credit card donations may be made here.

Who administers the program? How often will my pledge be deducted from my paycheck? Do I need to renew yearly? The LTPS Payroll Department administers the program. Your pledge will remain in effect until you authorize a change. All faculty and staff giving pledges are based on 20 pay periods per year.