Grant History

Since 1992, Lawrence Township has awarded more than 778 grants, totaling more than $3,518,000, to support excellence in Lawrence Township Public Schools.

Grant Name Yearsort ascending School Description
Kindergarten Sensory Gardens 2017-2018 All Elementary Sensory Centers for each Kindergarten classroom to help develop fine motor skills.
Kids Like Me 2017-2018 LIS Literature in which the main characters represent the diverse cultures that make up the student population at LIS.
Capture the Magic! 2017-2018 LIS Encourage a climate of collaboration and connection between educators by providing necessary equipment (iPads and a swivel) and to make high quality videos of real classroom instruction.
Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering 2017-2018 All Elementary & LIS Program for Pre-k through 6th grade to encourage students to celebrate women in the field of science and engineering.
Coding with Dash & Dot 2017-2018 All Elementary Program that will provide coding experiences to help elementary students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. 
3D Printing – The Next Level 2017-2018 LMS Second 3D printer to allow more students to get involved with 3D Printing.
Cloud Keyboarding: Making Type to Learn Internet Accessible 2017-2018 LIS One year subscription for a cloud based keyboarding program and keyboard covers that fit Chromebooks.
Building and Coding with R2-D2 2017-2018 All Elementary Robotics program for grades 3-8 that features R2-D2-style droids that the students will build from snap-together components.
Mobile Learning for Mobile Minds 2017-2018 BF 4 iPads for each of the Kindergarten classrooms.
Engineers Teaching Algebra 2017-2018 LMS Program to send an engineer into every Algebra classroom for a day and help relate Algebra to the job market and outside world.
I believe I can climb too! 2017-2018 LIS A third peg board to help increase the upper body strength of students and encourage more kids to participate in the Peg Board Challenge.
Look and See 2017-2018 All Elementary Spot Vision Screener to help detect vision problems early in young students.
Full STEAM Ahead: Using iPads to Enhance Music Education 2017-2018 BF 5 iPads to create a digital music program at Ben Franklin.
Franklin Institute Chemistry Assembly 2017-2018 LMS Interactive assembly and supplemental materials to build on knowledge gained from the assembly.
Gamify Your Science Classroom 2017-2018 LMS 18-month subscription for the video game platform Legends of Learning in order to reinforce science concepts.   
Leap into Science Through Literacy 2017-2018 All Elementary Engaging non-fiction texts that will give kindergarten students the opportunity to explore real world phenomena around the changing seasons.
Kids Bridge Bullying Prevention and Diversity Appreciation Programs 2017-2018 BF Interactive bullying prevention and diversity appreciation program for second and third graders.
Mindful Teen Part 2 2017-2018 LMS Additional mindfulness training for staff and students.
Huzzah! His Excellency, Georg Washington, Returns to Maidenhead 2017-2018 LMS Historical performance for 7th grade American History Students.
In Living Color- Promoting Learning with Color 2017-2018 LMS Presentation Center which will allow LMS to create content and school-specific posters for Character Education, curriculum and general school information.
Second Grade Robotics 2017-2018 All Elementary Robotics program for second graders at all elementary schools.
Ben Franklin Sound Garden 2017-2018 BF Materials that will allow students to design and create a permanent musical environment on the existing fence in the playground area.
USA Science & Engineering Festival 2017-2018 LMS A field trip to the Washington, D.C. Science and Engineering Festival.
Drown out the Distractions 2017-2018 LMS Sound cancelling headphones and privacy shields to help students who struggle to focus.
Launch Kits for Elementary Mobile Makerspace 2017-2018 All Elementary Tools to expand the Mobile Makerspaces at all elementary schools.
Mobile Minds for Mobile Learning 2017-2018 EPS Provides 3 iPads for each Kindergarten classroom at EPS.
Using Nonfiction Publications to Engage in History and Improve Literacy 2017-2018 LMS Nonfiction social studies magazines for American History teachers to supplement curriculum studies.
Manners Matter! Pathway to College and Career Readiness 2017-2018 LMS Manners to Go™ Middle School curriculum to help strengthen social skills among students at LMS.
Super Subscriptions for Super Kids 2017-2018 BF & LES Subscription to Spelling City and headphones for special education and ASI students at Ben Franklin and Lawrenceville Elementary school.
Milestone Project Revisited: Celebrating Childhood Experiences & Character Ed with Literacy, Art & Music 2017-2018 EPS Yearlong reading, writing and creativity project that will have students creating handmade books that chronicle milestones in their lives.