180 Club


Lawrence students attend school for 180 days during each school year. The 180 CLUB is an opportunity to support LTEF with a gift of $1 for each day that students are engaged in learning in Lawrence classrooms. Donations of $180 may be given as a one-time gift by check or credit card, or they may be pledged in convenient installments on a credit card.

How can I join the 180 Club? 
Make a $1 contribution for each of the 180 days that Lawrence Township Public School children attend school. 
Click here
to become a member of the 180 Club.

How does that help?     
Your contribution will be used to support innovative classroom programs that foster creativity & achievement.

How do I benefit?         
Members of the 180 CLUB -

  • may send two recognition APPLES to teachers.
  • receive tickets or invitations to LTEF sponsored special events.
  • make a difference in the education of the leaders of the future